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Jenna Schlegel-Preheim, LISW-Telehealth and Coralville 

Licensed Independent Social Worker who works with individuals ages 20+. 

My name is Jenna Schlegel-Preheim and I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker. I approach clinical work with an emphasis on relationship, attachment, client strengths and mindfulness. My perspective is that the person seeking therapy is their own greatest resource – that each person has the innate and internal wisdom to navigate past and current pain, to find a place of peace and strength while healing from emotional wounds. I am interested in getting curious together about the clients inner-life and working to turn toward oneself with gentleness while trying to shift painful dynamics. One of my highest hopes in this work is that the strength and quality of the therapeutic relationship is itself a transformational change agent. I am particularly interested in attachment wounds, grief/loss, spirituality, life transitions, interpersonal and relational concerns, and anxiety. I have experience working in restorative justice juvenile diversion programs, which bring together people who have harmed, with the people who have been harmed to work toward repairing the harm and making things as right as possible. This work helped me understand the capacity for relational and individual transformation. I also worked in a nonprofit that provided parent education, parent/child visitation and restorative justice opportunities to people who are incarcerated. I have been providing therapy for around 7 years, after graduating from Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. I try to center the core values of justice, equity, and inherent worth of all people. I acknowledge the harm of systemic oppression, and injustice. I work to be aware of, and root out my own biases and internalized ideas that support systems where some bodies are valued more than other bodies. When I'm not doing therapy, I can likely be found with my two kids, hiking, biking or otherwise exploring the outdoors.

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