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    Prairie Home Wellness and Counseling 

    Prairie Home Wellness and Counseling provides counseling and psychotherapy services for adolescents and adults (ages 16+) in Monticello, Iowa. Founded by Licensed Psychologist Dr. Lauren Welter, our services are designed to help you overcome life struggles, transitions, trauma, and mental health problems in order to live life as meaningfully and fully as possible. Dr. Welter strives to help you achieve personal, psychological, spiritual and relational growth and to achieve overall positive changes in your life.

    Prairie Home Wellness and Counseling offers a range of outpatient mental health services and is conveniently located on the West end of 1st Street in Monticello. We are located within 40 minutes of the communities of Dubuque, Manchester, and Maquoketa, 20 minutes from Dyersville, and 10 minutes from Anamosa and Cascade, just a few miles off of Highway 151.

    Meet Dr. Welter

    My name is Lauren Welter, and I am a Licensed Psychologist, Farmwife, and Mama living near Monticello, Iowa. I am passionate about helping others reach their true potential and I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work with you to overcome mental health problems, trauma, grief and loss, relationship problems and other life struggles and transitions. 

    Grief, loss, and struggle are a part of the human experience for everyone at some point, no matter who you are. While these experiences can be overwhelming and challenging, they also provide an opportunity for us to grow and become even better versions of ourselves. It is a true honor to support you on this journey.

    As is true with any medical provider, services are confidential – this is especially important in a small community. Please review this website for more information about Dr. Welter and what to expect at Prairie Home Wellness and Counseling. If you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment, please call (319) 975-8705.

    Prairie Home Wellness and Counseling

    218 West 1st Street, Suite A

    Monticello, IA 52310

    (319) 975-8705