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Hooley Isaac

Isaac Hooley, PhD-Telehealth

Licensed Psychologist who works with individuals ages 18+. Special interest areas include rural populations, interpersonal and relational concerns, depression, anxiety, and life transitions. 

My name is Isaac Hooley, and I'm a Licensed Psychologist living in Iowa City, IA.  I admire the bravery and vulnerability that folks bring to therapy, and work hard to match that with my own courage and commitment.  I primarily approach therapy using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which means I work alongside clients as they practice becoming more flexible in how they respond to difficult thoughts and feelings.  Therapy can be focused on building skills for better awareness and self-regulation, exploring the stories you use to make sense of who you are and what you’ve experienced, and using the safe and non-judgmental space of therapy to explore things that you might otherwise avoid.  I grew up in rural southern Idaho on my family's century farm, and returned after my undergraduate education (social work) to start one of the first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) projects in that area.  I worked as a farmer, both raising vegetables and as part of my family's row-crop and livestock operation, before embarking on a new life chapter in Iowa.  I graduated from the University of Iowa's Counseling Psychology PhD Program in 2020, and am currently completing advanced training in telehealth and rural behavioral health at the University of Iowa's Telepsychology Training Clinic.   I have experience working alongside clients with concerns such as depression, anxiety, interpersonal and relationship concerns, religion and spirituality concerns, and trauma.  I am particularly interested in helping clients navigate life transitions such as grief and loss, job loss or shift, emerging health conditions or pain, identity exploration, and taking on a new role such as becoming a parent or retiring from full-time work.  I value the diversity clients bring to therapy, and strive to approach differences with humility and openness.  I recognize harm caused by oppression and marginalization, and commit to the ongoing work of understanding the impact of my own biases and privilege.   I enjoy exploring natural places with my family, reading, and cooking food with ingredients from our backyard garden.

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